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My name is Laura Tilly and I was born in Hartford, Connecticut.  I graduated from Southern Connecticut State University with a Bachelors Degree in Education in 1972.  I met my future husband, Jim, in Oregon and taught there for three years.  In 1977, Jim and I decided to move to Alaska.  Jim and I bought a house in the countryside and then we had our two sons, Craig and Sam.  I taught in Alaska for 28 years and I received my Masters Degree in Education in 1999.  I have always loved teaching.  I really enjoy the students and the process of teaching and watching individuals learn.  In Alaska, I taught English and Reading and I also was a high school counselor.  I retired from teaching in Alaska in 2006 and began my new career of teaching English in China.  I have been teaching at Omeida for about three years, six months in Alaska and six months in China.  I really enjoy teaching English at Omeida because the Chinese students are respectful and kind and try very hard to learn English.  It is a wonderful job and I’m very happy to teach here. 


 Laura 永远是充满着活力与激情,周末经常跟学生还有老师们参加各种活动。看,这是学校校庆时候,大家在骑自行车环游阳朔。


 好山,好水,好外教,看Laura 和Jim还有我们的外教们,沉浸在遇龙河的美景当中。


欧美达10周年校庆,看Laura和外教们正在奋力拼搏呢,No wonder 教师队永远是No 1,战无不胜。


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